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Canning Jar Meet Bottle Brush


     I love using glass jars in lieu of plastic containers, which contain nasty chemicals and aren’t good for our environment. Plastic never breaks down sadly, and only some of it can be recycled. If you’ve heard of BPA then you know the worries over plastic are concerning, and not just with BPA. Plastic is chemicals. It’s all man made, there is nothing natural about it. So I personally do not feel at all safe putting my food in it.

     Thankfully glass is a great affirmative! So I buy canning jars at second hand shops and reuse any jars our food comes in. Cleaning them has been a bit of an issue in the past though. My small hand can’t fit into most of my jars, and a sponge being pushed around the jar by a fork is only so effective – and a bit of a pain.

     So I got the random, yet very helpful, idea to try a bottle brush. They are made for cleaning small spaces in bottles, so why not my glass jars? It was a perfect match! Now I can scrub the inside of all my glass jars easily and well. You can find bottle brushes at most places that sell baby items and they only cost a few dollars at most. You can now even find BPA free bottle brushes if you’d prefer one of those. 🙂


What Makes Christian Education Christian?

What Makes Christian Education Christian?

I found a GREAT article today on what makes Christian education really Christian. Click the link above to check it out! This is important for Christian homeschooling parents, we need to make sure we aren’t compromising our beliefs or God’s standards for the sake of “education.” To be honest, doing so can actually be very harmful to our children! We don’t want to put things in their hearts that can lead them away from God or plant seeds of un-godly things. Children need us to make sure we are teaching them healthy things that will benefit them not only with education, but also in their walk with God. The world today is full of so much darkness, we need to build a strong foundation for our kids now, because they will encounter enough garbage when they get older. We don’t need to expose them to un-biblical things now, we need to build up a Godly foundation so later in life they don’t stray from God when exposed to those things. I think this is where many parents get things backwards. The biggest mistake we can make as parents is not praying before we do things, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the things we expose our children to! We need to seek God and his word before we do those things, before we bring those things into our children’s lives, before we bring them into our homes. Let’s not follow the world and it’s example, let’s be more careful with what we teach and bring into our homes, let’s take the time to pray first! 🙂

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The Majestic Plastic Bag – A Mockumentary

This is a great video, very amusing, but with a great message! Plastic bags are not natural, nor do they biodegrade in time. They end up polluting our landscapes and our oceans, contributing to the island of plastic trash. We do not need them, cloth bags are easily accessible and cheap. All it takes is for people to step up and refuse to let laziness keep them from helping cut down on these nasty plastic pollutants. To make matters worse, these bags separate into small pieces and get consumed by animals – many of which we eat! Do you want to eat plastic, because when you take a bit of that seafood that’s exactly what you are eating. So many animals have been found dead with stomach’s full of plastic. Take action to stop contributing to the death of animals and our environment – switch to reusable cloth bags!


Why I Screen My Daughter’s Books


As a Christian, I feel that I should be screening things my daughter is exposed to, especially at this young age. I fully understand I will not be able to screen everything & I rely on the godly foundation I’m building with her when I can’t. I can, and do, screen books in our home. She is 5 but reading 1st and 2nd grade level books, so we’re bringing books in a lot more now.

When I started following my faith as I should I started cutting out everything inappropriate & detrimental to my faith. I believe what you allow into your mind has an affect, even if you think it doesn’t. I still have memories of books, movies & music I from years ago – a lot of it not good. I still have nightmares from gruesome horror movies I watched when I wasn’t following God.

The things we let into our minds have an impact and they can get into our hearts. If this is so for adults than it’s even moreso for our children. They are like sponges, absorbing things around them, soaking it all up. They are more vulnerable, and they can’t distinguish fact and fantasy as adults can. Some adults even have trouble distinguishing that so imagine what it’s like for a child! This is why as parents we have to be cautious what we allow into their little minds & hearts.

I’ve found a few book series we like and some you have to pick & choose from. The Nancy Drew Notebooks has strong girl characters but some have way to much name calling or mean behavior so I suggest pre-reading them to see which, if any, you approve of. Pony Pals seems to a pretty tame series if you have a horse fan at home, and they also have strong girl characters. A to Z mysteries has 2 boys & a girl as the main characters, and the ones I’ve read have been good so far & are good for little mystery fans. Cam Jansen is another strong girl character who solves mysteries with nothing worrisome in the ones I’ve read so far. Three Cousins Detective Club is another great kids mystery series with 2 boys & 1 girl, and they are Christian books.

A few series I haven’t read but want to try: Trailblazers which is Christion history for kids, Big Apple Barn (horse books), Imagination Station by the Adventures in Odyssey folks that’s another Christian kids history series, Winnie the Horse Gentler, Janette Oke’s Animal Friends books, and possibly the Boxcar Children earlier books. If you’ve tried any of these let me know how you, and your kids, liked them! 🙂 Feel free to also recommend other kids books that don’t have witches, magic, wizards, vampires, werewolves, etc.


The Wonders of Baking Soda


The corny title only begins to express how great I think baking soda is. 😛 It is such a multi-purpose item and goes beyond just helping you bake. We use it in our baths for softer skin & to help detoxify. I add epsom salt or sea salt to my hot bath after a long week. It makes a great face & body scrub as well. I have used it on breakouts on my face to help dry them out, just add a little water & dab it on. It can be drying so you may not be able to use it daily. It can also be used as deoderant – just mix with water & rub on armpits or even add a little essential oil to the mix. You can even make homemade deoderant with a similar consistency to regular deoderants, minus the unnatural ingredients.

Of course it can be used for cleaning. It’s great for scrubbing dishes, scrubbing counters, scrubbing tubs & sinks, and dirty kitchen appliances. I don’t believe it’s safe for marble countertops though. I’ve used it on stains on my carpet mixed with a little vinegar. Some strawberry juice got on my carpet & it took it out after letting the mix sit on it overnight. You can use it when you clean your toilet too, for extra scrubbing power.

You can use it in your laundry as well. I use a mix of baking soda,  washing soda & borax in each load of laundry I do for extra cleaning power. When I bought my daughter’s car seat it had a strong unpleasant fragrance smell. I soaked it in baking soda water & hung it outside to dry to help remove the smell. It’s helpful in removing smells in many ways from clothes, carpets & refrigerators.

There is research which suggests that the interaction of saliva with teeth actually helps keep teeth healthy, and regular toothpaste inhibits that. That and the yucky stuff they put in toothpaste made me want to try making our own. I mixed baking soda with stevia, which is said to be good for teeth, and a little cinnamon for flavor. We sprinkle the powder mix on our wet toothbrushes & then add a couple drops of olive oil on it too. Our teeth feel very clean & healthy. 🙂 Many people use use plain baking soda & water to clean their teeth.

Lots of folks have opted against traditional shampoos & conditioners for varying reasons. Nasty chemicals & too much fragrance are 2 such reasons. One alternative is to wash hair with a little baking soda. Some saying it can be too drying if you use too much so it would be trial & error until you found what works for you. Also, doing a vinegar rinse after can help with the dryness. I tried it but didn’t like it for regular use, I use an all in one soap bar instead.

You can also drink baking soda mixed with water to help with the symptoms of arthritis, indegestion, heartburn, infection & reduce acidity in the body. I don’t have any of those health issues so I can’t say if it helps or not.

This is only a small amount of things you can use baking soda for. It makes for a great natural alternative to many things. How have you used baking soda?


Welcome to My World! :)


Welcome to my blog. I’ve created this blog to share about my walk in my faith, homeschooling, living simply and green, and my journey as a single parent raising a wonderful little girl. She is the biggest & best blessing I’ve ever recieved! She truly is a gift from God. 🙂

We are a unique family, making the best out of our situation. Being a single parent is hard, it is not what God intended. I can only hope that I can use what I’ve gone through to help others to make a better decision to strive for a whole family. No we can’t always control things, trust me I understand that, but we can make wise decisions to avoid painful & unnecessary consequences. I love my daughter whole heartedly, but single parenthood is not how God intended a family to be.

I work from home taking care of children, providing a loving & safe environment for others to leave their kids, because I understand how hard it is to leave your child with someone else. I love the kiddos I watch & their parents are awesome people, I am very blessed!

We try to live a natural, simplified, eco-friendly lifestyle. I am a very crunchy Christian. 😉 I believe God wants us to be good stewards of our planet, our homes, and our bodies. I try my best to explore & share ways to do this.

I love to create! I love coming up with fun ideas & putting them together. I will also share some of my fun creations with steps on how to do them yourself. A lot of ideas just pop into my head, others are ideas I found online or in books that I tweaked. I love to expirement with food as well & will share recipes or tips I think are great.

I hope you enjoy all you find here! If you have any questions feel free to contact me. 🙂

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