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The Wonders of Baking Soda

on April 13, 2012


The corny title only begins to express how great I think baking soda is. 😛 It is such a multi-purpose item and goes beyond just helping you bake. We use it in our baths for softer skin & to help detoxify. I add epsom salt or sea salt to my hot bath after a long week. It makes a great face & body scrub as well. I have used it on breakouts on my face to help dry them out, just add a little water & dab it on. It can be drying so you may not be able to use it daily. It can also be used as deoderant – just mix with water & rub on armpits or even add a little essential oil to the mix. You can even make homemade deoderant with a similar consistency to regular deoderants, minus the unnatural ingredients.

Of course it can be used for cleaning. It’s great for scrubbing dishes, scrubbing counters, scrubbing tubs & sinks, and dirty kitchen appliances. I don’t believe it’s safe for marble countertops though. I’ve used it on stains on my carpet mixed with a little vinegar. Some strawberry juice got on my carpet & it took it out after letting the mix sit on it overnight. You can use it when you clean your toilet too, for extra scrubbing power.

You can use it in your laundry as well. I use a mix of baking soda,  washing soda & borax in each load of laundry I do for extra cleaning power. When I bought my daughter’s car seat it had a strong unpleasant fragrance smell. I soaked it in baking soda water & hung it outside to dry to help remove the smell. It’s helpful in removing smells in many ways from clothes, carpets & refrigerators.

There is research which suggests that the interaction of saliva with teeth actually helps keep teeth healthy, and regular toothpaste inhibits that. That and the yucky stuff they put in toothpaste made me want to try making our own. I mixed baking soda with stevia, which is said to be good for teeth, and a little cinnamon for flavor. We sprinkle the powder mix on our wet toothbrushes & then add a couple drops of olive oil on it too. Our teeth feel very clean & healthy. 🙂 Many people use use plain baking soda & water to clean their teeth.

Lots of folks have opted against traditional shampoos & conditioners for varying reasons. Nasty chemicals & too much fragrance are 2 such reasons. One alternative is to wash hair with a little baking soda. Some saying it can be too drying if you use too much so it would be trial & error until you found what works for you. Also, doing a vinegar rinse after can help with the dryness. I tried it but didn’t like it for regular use, I use an all in one soap bar instead.

You can also drink baking soda mixed with water to help with the symptoms of arthritis, indegestion, heartburn, infection & reduce acidity in the body. I don’t have any of those health issues so I can’t say if it helps or not.

This is only a small amount of things you can use baking soda for. It makes for a great natural alternative to many things. How have you used baking soda?


9 responses to “The Wonders of Baking Soda

  1. maria says:

    It is one of the best additions to our lives…and so simple to use 🙂

  2. Alia says:

    I use baking soda in my homemade mouthwash recipe, in my hair rinse concoctions and I also use to fight any kind of skin irritation I have!

    • Alia, would you mind sharing your recipes? 🙂 I’m also excited to find new ways to use it! It’s so beneficial to us in so many ways.

      • Alia says:

        The most reliable recipe I have so far is for the mouthwash. It’s as simple as one Tablespoon of BS for each cup of water. Sometimes, I add in a couple of drops of mint essential oil as well. The hair rinse recipe has been less successful, so I`ll have to hold on sharing that one, for fear of spreading bad information!

      • Thanks for the mouthwash recipe, I’ll try it out. I know what you mean, it’s always better to pass info along after you’ve tried it and found a recipe that works! 🙂

      • Alia says:

        Oh yes — there’s lot of experimentation that goes into these homemade recipes. Good luck!

  3. Fall Butterfly says:

    I have used it for a lot of things too. I stopped using it as a toothpaste though, and I am now using Desert essence tea tree oil and neem toothpaste. Also I tried it for a shampoo and did not like it. It didn’t work well. I went to the store and bought Castile soap mixed it with some water, and essential oils. I also use coconut oil for a condition once a week. I let it sit then wash out with shampoo since it is oily. The problem I have found with natural shampoo though is it strips the color of hair dye. So, if you find some thing that doesn’t let me know. I bought two big tubs of nutiva coconut oil on Amazon. It can be used for so many things! I will send you what I have learned so far. It also works great as a replacement for shaving cream and keeps the razor blades lasting a long time too!

    • Fall Butterfly- I think we might try bennonite clay for toothpaste, I’ve heard good things. My 5 year old doesn’t like the taste of tea tree oil so I can’t try that again 😛 I am using African Black soap right now because it’s said to be great for skin and hair, but before I used castile soap as well. We like coconut oil too, from cooking to hair to skin! 🙂 It’s really great stuff. Does soap strip hair color as well? There are actually things you can do to add color naturally, though you have to do them often. For dark hair you can do a rinse of coffee or certain kinds of tea. I’ve tried it and it does make hair darker, but it is temporary. I used to shave with olive oil but it clogged my razor so I just use soap to shave or water and then smooth a little oil on my legs after. Thanks for all the tips!

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