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Welcome to My World! :)

on April 13, 2012


Welcome to my blog. I’ve created this blog to share about my walk in my faith, homeschooling, living simply and green, and my journey as a single parent raising a wonderful little girl. She is the biggest & best blessing I’ve ever recieved! She truly is a gift from God. 🙂

We are a unique family, making the best out of our situation. Being a single parent is hard, it is not what God intended. I can only hope that I can use what I’ve gone through to help others to make a better decision to strive for a whole family. No we can’t always control things, trust me I understand that, but we can make wise decisions to avoid painful & unnecessary consequences. I love my daughter whole heartedly, but single parenthood is not how God intended a family to be.

I work from home taking care of children, providing a loving & safe environment for others to leave their kids, because I understand how hard it is to leave your child with someone else. I love the kiddos I watch & their parents are awesome people, I am very blessed!

We try to live a natural, simplified, eco-friendly lifestyle. I am a very crunchy Christian. 😉 I believe God wants us to be good stewards of our planet, our homes, and our bodies. I try my best to explore & share ways to do this.

I love to create! I love coming up with fun ideas & putting them together. I will also share some of my fun creations with steps on how to do them yourself. A lot of ideas just pop into my head, others are ideas I found online or in books that I tweaked. I love to expirement with food as well & will share recipes or tips I think are great.

I hope you enjoy all you find here! If you have any questions feel free to contact me. 🙂


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