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Why I Screen My Daughter’s Books

on April 16, 2012


As a Christian, I feel that I should be screening things my daughter is exposed to, especially at this young age. I fully understand I will not be able to screen everything & I rely on the godly foundation I’m building with her when I can’t. I can, and do, screen books in our home. She is 5 but reading 1st and 2nd grade level books, so we’re bringing books in a lot more now.

When I started following my faith as I should I started cutting out everything inappropriate & detrimental to my faith. I believe what you allow into your mind has an affect, even if you think it doesn’t. I still have memories of books, movies & music I from years ago – a lot of it not good. I still have nightmares from gruesome horror movies I watched when I wasn’t following God.

The things we let into our minds have an impact and they can get into our hearts. If this is so for adults than it’s even moreso for our children. They are like sponges, absorbing things around them, soaking it all up. They are more vulnerable, and they can’t distinguish fact and fantasy as adults can. Some adults even have trouble distinguishing that so imagine what it’s like for a child! This is why as parents we have to be cautious what we allow into their little minds & hearts.

I’ve found a few book series we like and some you have to pick & choose from. The Nancy Drew Notebooks has strong girl characters but some have way to much name calling or mean behavior so I suggest pre-reading them to see which, if any, you approve of. Pony Pals seems to a pretty tame series if you have a horse fan at home, and they also have strong girl characters. A to Z mysteries has 2 boys & a girl as the main characters, and the ones I’ve read have been good so far & are good for little mystery fans. Cam Jansen is another strong girl character who solves mysteries with nothing worrisome in the ones I’ve read so far. Three Cousins Detective Club is another great kids mystery series with 2 boys & 1 girl, and they are Christian books.

A few series I haven’t read but want to try: Trailblazers which is Christion history for kids, Big Apple Barn (horse books), Imagination Station by the Adventures in Odyssey folks that’s another Christian kids history series, Winnie the Horse Gentler, Janette Oke’s Animal Friends books, and possibly the Boxcar Children earlier books. If you’ve tried any of these let me know how you, and your kids, liked them! 🙂 Feel free to also recommend other kids books that don’t have witches, magic, wizards, vampires, werewolves, etc.


2 responses to “Why I Screen My Daughter’s Books

  1. renfield1897 says:

    At 5 I can totally understand you wanting to keep certain things away from a young child. Images of scary monsters, vampires or other beasties can cause nightmares, and create insecurity in a child.

    But I am wondering why the bar on witches and magic? Some of Roald Dahl’s best books for kids (although still too young for your nipper for a few years) touch on those subjects and I remember them as the best books I read as a kid.

    Even from a christianly perspective, The Chronicles of Narnia, which was written by a devout Christian (CS Lewis), and was based on the death and resurrection of Jesus features The White Witch

    • It has zero to do with them being “scary.” It’s against the Bible, pure & simple. I am a Christian so I follow my Bible. I don’t care what other authors did, it’s against the Bible so will have no part of it. I think C.S. Lewis is great to get non-believers to God, just as Jesus told parables to non-believers to help them no God. But if you are a Christian who follows your faith seriously then you know not to be a part of it. God says not to. You don’t need allegories to teach about God or good & evil, you have the Bible & other books to do that without exposing your children to things the Bible says dusgusts God & makes Him angry. I answer to him with everything I do regarding my children. Wizards, witches, magic, etc. are all unnecessary & harmful. I’m not going to do something I know is harmful to my child & wrong.

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