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What Makes Christian Education Christian?

on April 24, 2012

What Makes Christian Education Christian?

I found a GREAT article today on what makes Christian education really Christian. Click the link above to check it out! This is important for Christian homeschooling parents, we need to make sure we aren’t compromising our beliefs or God’s standards for the sake of “education.” To be honest, doing so can actually be very harmful to our children! We don’t want to put things in their hearts that can lead them away from God or plant seeds of un-godly things. Children need us to make sure we are teaching them healthy things that will benefit them not only with education, but also in their walk with God. The world today is full of so much darkness, we need to build a strong foundation for our kids now, because they will encounter enough garbage when they get older. We don’t need to expose them to un-biblical things now, we need to build up a Godly foundation so later in life they don’t stray from God when exposed to those things. I think this is where many parents get things backwards. The biggest mistake we can make as parents is not praying before we do things, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the things we expose our children to! We need to seek God and his word before we do those things, before we bring those things into our children’s lives, before we bring them into our homes. Let’s not follow the world and it’s example, let’s be more careful with what we teach and bring into our homes, let’s take the time to pray first! 🙂


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