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Canning Jar Meet Bottle Brush

on April 28, 2012


     I love using glass jars in lieu of plastic containers, which contain nasty chemicals and aren’t good for our environment. Plastic never breaks down sadly, and only some of it can be recycled. If you’ve heard of BPA then you know the worries over plastic are concerning, and not just with BPA. Plastic is chemicals. It’s all man made, there is nothing natural about it. So I personally do not feel at all safe putting my food in it.

     Thankfully glass is a great affirmative! So I buy canning jars at second hand shops and reuse any jars our food comes in. Cleaning them has been a bit of an issue in the past though. My small hand can’t fit into most of my jars, and a sponge being pushed around the jar by a fork is only so effective – and a bit of a pain.

     So I got the random, yet very helpful, idea to try a bottle brush. They are made for cleaning small spaces in bottles, so why not my glass jars? It was a perfect match! Now I can scrub the inside of all my glass jars easily and well. You can find bottle brushes at most places that sell baby items and they only cost a few dollars at most. You can now even find BPA free bottle brushes if you’d prefer one of those. 🙂


4 responses to “Canning Jar Meet Bottle Brush

  1. Fall Butterfly says:

    I bought the Ziplock glass containers. They had two coupons in each one so I used a coupon for all the ones I bought. I saved quite a bit 🙂 I will have to get one of those brushes. Thanks for the tip!

    • Fall Butterfly- I’ve been looking into the glass food containers so I’m glad to hear your experiences with them. I’ve read reviews that the Ziplock brand leak, do you have that issue with yours? I would keep my food away from the lids or cover the top with parchment paper or cloth before putting on the lids just to avoid the plastic top touching it. No prob, it’s been such a helpful tool! 🙂

  2. Fall Butterfly says:

    The lids some times I have noticed seem loose. But, if you squeeze them they will tighten back up. The lids are BPA free or else I wouldn’t have gotten them in the first place. I wanted something that would replace the plastic containers that I use for my husband’s lunches.

    Btw where do you purchase your african black soap? I googled it to read up on it, and it said be careful because some aren’t the pure kind . They have a lot of added ingredients that aren’t good. My mother in law uses it and she said I could find it at Walmart. But, that walmart one has a bunch of stuff added to it.

    • Actually the chemicals they use in lieu of BPA are often worse, if not just as bad. And the chemicals leech so that’s why I don’t want any plastic touching my food or drinks. I would still use parchment paper to avoid the chemicals and maybe help with the leaking. Or just use parchment paper with a rubber band around it when I didn’t need to stack them. 🙂

      You can find find it on Amazon and eBay, just check the list of ingredients & look for organic soap. You can buy it in bulk on both sites which is a better deal in the long run.

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