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A Mother’s Day Balcony Garden

on May 17, 2012

     Part of my Mother’s Day present from my sweet little girl was to spend our afternoon planting seeds we got from from the store and our trip to the Botanic Gardens. I have to say – what a wonderful way to spend my day! 🙂

     We live upstairs, as you can tell from the picture, so we have to plant in containers. We don’t let that deter us though! We used pots we had from last year, plus glass vases we had in the house, and even the bottom of plastic gallon jugs. For us it’s reduce, reuse and then recycle. For our humidifier you have to buy distilled water and I have been looking for a good use for the jugs! This worked out nicely.

     My daughter has a responsibility/chore list to help her keep track of the things she needs to do to help around the house. Watering the plants has been on it, but until now we just had one plant – a palm tree in our living room. She was thrilled to add more plants for her to water! I even created a water sprinkler from a plastic water bottle I had picked up at church one day when I forgot my metal one & was extremely parched. Now it’s got a second use which makes both of us happy – she loves to water with it! 🙂

     The rose plant was part of my Mother’s Day gift from here. Below is a picture of all of it. She was such a sweet girl and picked these out on her own. The 2 carnations we got at church but she wanted them to be with the single rose she picked out for me because the color matched the dress I wore that day. 🙂 I had a very blessed day with a daughter I am so very thankful for!


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