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Brown Rice with Egg and Cabbage Recipe

on June 10, 2012

     This was lunch today and it was delicious! I’ve found it’s much easier to keep a menu planned so I always have something to make, and it cuts down on grocery costs. Usually I stick with it. Sometimes I like to go into my kitchen, look at what I have and then put something together from what sounds good. Today I decided to try something new.

     I had brown rice already made and I had been wanting to try something new with the purple cabbage my daughter picked out from the grocery store. For some reason it sounded really good to add egg to the mix. So I chopped the head of cabbage in half, cut it up and put it to boil, adding a little salt to the water. Once it reached a boil lowered it to simmer and covered it. I then scrambled 3 eggs, and then added in the rice to heat with the cooked eggs. Once the cabbage was done I strained it over an empty bowl to catch the now purple blue cabbage water. I added the cabbage to the rice and egg mix, then added some of the cabbage water to it for flavor while cooking them together. I added a bit more salt and some olive oil to taste, and voila!

     Next time I plan to try this with green cabbage as to avoid the bluish tint it gave the food, which was highly amusing to my daughter. (: But it was delicious! We both finished off the whole pan full. The meal was a hit and full of protein.


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