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Happy Green Bee – Organic Clothing For Kids Review

on June 16, 2012

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     For any mom who has learned about the massive amount of chemicals on conventional cotton, a quest of sorts begins to find organic clothing. Most mom’s don’t want to go broke buying organic clothing, but usually organic tends to be more expensive. Why? Because the workers are actually paid fair wages and you are paying for health and a piece of sustainability. It’s worth the cost. I am by no means a rich woman, but we manage to wear only organic clothing just fine. And we look good doing it, especially my daughter! (:

     While scouring the internet for places that sell organic clothing, I stumbled upon the Happy Green Bee website. Here I found some amazingly adorable, totally unique, organic clothes! Everything is 100% organic and fair trade as well, which is always an extra comfort. The clothing is not only beautiful, but it’s quality clothing. When our package arrived it was filled with quality cotton clothing, not cheap thin material you can see through and that doesn’t last long. The clothes are well made and the designs are very unique – I haven’t seen anything else like them. I ordered 4 dresses all with matching pants or leggings. I believe little girls should wear something under their dresses because they are little ladies, and they don’t always remember how to sit like ladies. Above is my daughter wearing the A-Line Sundress in pumpkin/butterscotch/radish/bean with matching pants. It’s adorable and very soft. We also picked up the Petal Dress in the same color scheme because my daughter just loved the colors. That dress is pictured below.

     We also got the Petal Dress in watermelon/sky as well. That dress and her blanket in the same color scheme match her lovely doll. Now this was my daughter’s favorite item in the whole package! She did not let this doll leave her side upon it’s arrival. It’s so soft and it matches her watermelon/sky Petal Dress – something my daughter thinks is so wonderful! Many months later her doll Amber is still her favorite and goes many places with us.

     We also got a Blossom Dress in bluebell with matching tights, and two adorable little hats. One hat is the Sock Hat and it’s long and got a pointed tip on top which is too cute, and the other is the Muffin Hat which looks like a smaller version of a colorful bakers hat. That’s exactly what my daughter decided it was for – her to bake in her play kitchen while wearing her new hat. Lastly we got the Girls Sport Suit bathing suit in pumpkin/butterscotch/radish/bean color scheme. It’s adorable!

     They offer such great organic alternatives to the massive amounts of pesticide covered or synthetic chemical created clothing in most stores. When you find a company that makes good quality organic clothing like this you are so thankful and appreciative. If you haven’t already please check out their website: Happy Green Bee. The only issue I’ve had with the clothes is fading from repeated washing, but we have had them for a while now & washed them many times. A color booster in the laundry might help with this issue!


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