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Cous Cous with Kale, Mushrooms Dried Cranberries & Sunflower Seeds Recipe

on June 28, 2012

     I buy cous cous in bulk because we use so much of it and to cut down on packages. For the two of us I just use one cup of cous cous but for larger families you can use more as needed. I start by putting 1 cup of water and a little oil and salt into a pot. You an add oil and salt to taste. I use olive oil instead of butter or margarine. I put it on high heat and wait until it starts to boil. In the mean time I get out a frying pan, kale, mushrooms, dried cranberries and sunflower seeds. I add oil to cover the bottom of the pan so I can sautee everything without burning it. I usually use 3 piece of kale but you can use less or more to taste. You can use the stems if you like, if not just use the leaves. I rinse mine, then I rip it into pieces and put it in my frying pan. I will take 2 big mushrooms or 3-4 little mushrooms, wash them, and then chop them up. I like my pieces chunky. I will set the heat for the frying pan at medium high.

     By now the water in the pot is usually boiling so I remove it from heat and slowly add 1 cup of cous cous. I stir it so it’s all evenly covered with water and then leave it alone. I sautee my kale and mushrooms and then add the sunflower seeds and dried cranberries a couple minutes before they are done. I use a handful of cranberries and a handful of sunflower seeds, but you can add the amount you prefer. Once the food in the frying pan is done I add it to the pot with the cous cous. Sometimes because I don’t use butter the cous cous can be a little dry so adding the oil in the pan I sauteed with gives it moisture and more flavor. I add salt to taste and then it’s done! It’s pretty filling and it’s child approved – my daughter loves it! (:


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