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Homemade Air Freshener

on July 5, 2012

     I cannot use store bought air fresheners. They give me awful headaches. After looking into them I found out why – nasty chemicals. Nothing you smell in them is natural. It’s all a bunch of chemicals made to smell like something natural, how silly is that? They can actually cause a lot of indoor air polution as well. So I decided to make my own!

     It is extremely simple and easy to make your own air freshener. All you need is:

– A spray bottle

– Water

– Essential oils

     That’s it! You fill the bottle with water and add as much essential oil to your liking. Shake it up and spray! You can mix scents or just use one. I like using rose with lily of the valley together. Another favorite is my Dream Sicle creation: orange oil with vanilla. Just shake up the bottle well each time before you spray it.

     These are less likely to give you a headache and they definitely will no pollute your home with chemicals. You control how strong the scent is and exactly what’s in it. You can make different scents for the living areas and the bathrooms, even scents to spray on furniture and clothes. You can even create your own truly natural “perfume” using this method!

     What are your favorite essential oil scents to mix together?


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