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More Handmade Legwarmers for Kids!


My kiddo and I enjoyed our handmade leg warmers so much that I have been keeping an eye out for more long fuzzy socks every time we are at the store. Today while in the kids section I found two more cute pairs that were on sale for $2 each. The colors were fun so we got them!


You start off the same way – take the pairs of long socks like this and cut the feet parts off either before the heel or in the middle of the heel. I cut in the middle of the heel to make it longer on one side to go over the top of the foot a bit more.


You could probably make them out of any type of long socks but we really like the fuzzy ones. 🙂


If you know what Lalaloopsy dolls, the rainbow color socks reminded me of them. My kiddo likes some of the Lalaloopsy stuff so these were a fun find. She calls them her Loopsy legwarmers.

These are so simple and quick to make. When you cut them you may shed some fuzzies but it didn’t bother us. The fuzzy legwarmers are very warm and great over leggings. They definitely make more fun colors for kids though! After winter is a great time to get them on sale so keep an eye out and stock up. 🙂

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Homeschool Student Learning Aides Folder


Homeschooling is fun for both my little girl and I. Enjoy being a part of her learning process and she enjoys gaining new knowledge with a sense of pride in doing so. We do a lot of learning from life, but we also use school books from several different curriculum. As we’ve gone along I’ve learned that there are certain things she will need on hand. We have an abacus as well as wood counting blocks and poker chips. She also has a foam clock with moveable hands that has the minutes written on it to help with time. One thing she kept needing was information on numerals and how to count by different numbers. So I got the idea to make her a folder with all the basic info she needed in one place organized in handy charts. This way it’s on hand for her to use whenever needed!


The first page is an ABC chart with uppercase and lowercase letters. Kids can forget how a letter looks from time to time so it’s helpful to keep one of these on hand. I tried to find fonts that looked as close to how she writes letters so it didn’t get confusing. I had to use a couple different fonts for different letters.


One of her newer math books teacher Roman numerals and asks her to turn regular numbers into numerals. I made her a chart with numerals from 1-100 so that way when she needs help she has a long list on hand. I also made her a basic subtraction chart to help with math.


On the other side of the subtraction chart is a basic addition chart. Next to it I created charts for her to county by 2’s and 3’s. These kind of charts can also be used by parents with the student to help drill them on each one. The subtraction and addition charts came from a teaching tools book and they are actually transparencies I wrote on with permanent marker. I put a white paper in between to two so you can’t see through them.


Next is counting by 4’s, 5’s, 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, 9’s and 10’s. I wanted her to have a chart for each number up to 100 so that way she could learn all of them. I did them in different colors using the table design on the computer document program.


Last is a hundreds chart which can also be used as a ones chart. This was also a transparency I put a paper behind. Next to it I wanted to make another clock for her to keep inside her notebook. I found a clock print out and I added the minutes to it. Next I cut a small X in the middle of the clock through the clear plastic cover and the print out. I attacked hands on the outside of the clear plastic cover using a brad so she could move the hands as needed but the printed out page would still be protected. It worked out really well!


Days of the week and months of the year is good to have too. I’ll probably update these as we go along but these were on our wall and I took them down to put in her book.


I just added a chart of polygons to help with math as well. Each page is put inside a clear plastic report cover you can get at most stores I did this to keep them lasting longer and so I could change them out as needed. I used a plain folder with brads inside to hold the pages. The nice thing about this is that you can add or remove pages as needed such a multiplication and division, fractions, the periodic table, etc. You can tailor this to each child’s needs and let them personalize it by decorating it themselves. 🙂

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Handmade Leg Warmers For Women and Girls


I have been looking for fuzzy leg warmers for my little girl for a while. She’s 6 so usually we find baby and toddler ones but not any to fit her. We were at Target over the weekend and I found long fuzzy socks in their clearance area for $2.50 each. I thought they would be perfect to make into leg warmers! I got a gray pair for me and a red pair my kiddo picked out. The process was VERY simple – I just cut the feet part off of the socks, that’s it! All you need is the long socks and scissors.



This what both pairs looked like after being cut. I left a little bit of the heel part on them to give them a cute angle over the feet when put on. When I cut them some extra fuzzy fluff came off but I just pulled off the loose pieces and then they were fine. If you wanted to get more creative you could sew the ends or put elastic.


This is what mine look like on. They fit nicely and were super cozy. I really liked how they came out! These look great over skinny jeans. I have a pair of silver ballet flats that they will look great with. 🙂


This is my kiddo wearing hers. Since these were adult sized we were able to scrunch them up some. She said they are very soft and very cozy. 🙂 She enjoys wearing them and they look cute over her leggings. These are great for cooler days!


Handmade Hairbow Holder


My little girl has a lot of hairbows. I’m sure many little girls do! I had seen plenty of handmade hairbow holders but the prices were ridiculous in my opinion, especially since I knew I could do it myself. I started off getting a cute wooden butterfly shape from Hobby Lobby. You could use foam or felt shapes as well. Just make sure it can handle bows hanging from it. You’ll also need pretty ribbon. My little girl *loves* cheetah print so that’s what I used. And you’ll need a hot glue gun, and a smaller ribbon to make a loop on top to hang the holder.


Cut your ribbon the length you want. Our shape was big enough for two ribbons so I didn’t make them very long. I used wired ribbon but regular ribbon works just as well.


Hot glue the ribbon to the back of your shape. Make sure you glue enough of it onto the back to make it sturdy enough to hold your bows. Then glue the smaller ribbon in a loop on the top of your shape to hang your bow holder from. I also folded over the ends of the ribbon at the bottom and hot glued it to keep it from fraying.


Finished bow holder! 🙂 This took me about 5 minutes to make and it was super simple. It will be a big help in organizing my daughter’s bows!

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Felt Flower Craft


I was in a crafty mood the other day and took on two crafts in one day. After doing the No Bake Felt Cookies for Kids project I was browsing the internet and decided to give felt flowers a try. 🙂 Now I like felt flowers because you can use them for so many different things. You can hot glue an alligator clip on the back and use it for a hair clip, you can hot glue a pin on the back and wear it as a broach, you can even add it to a crochet hat or use it to make fun jewelry. They also aren’t too complicated or time consuming to make.


Step 1 – You’ll need green felt for the leaves and your choice of another color felt for the petals. You’ll also need scissors, some thread that’s the same color as your petal felt and a sewing needle.


Step 2 – Cut out your leaves. This is easy to do and you can do it without drawing them out unless you want to make fancier leaves. Then find a small round object to trace. I used a lipgloss tin. That will be your middle piece you attach everything to. For the flowers you can either draw them freehand or trace a small flower shaped cookie cutter. I drew mine freehand onto a piece of cardstock and used it as a template.


Step 3 – Cut out all your pieces and gather them together. You will need 2 leaves, 1 circle and 4 flowers. Make sure for the flowers that you trim off any ink from the pen you use to trace them so it doesn’t show when you assemble it. I had to trim mine to get the ink parts off. They don’t have to be perfect or evenly matched.


Step 4 – Sew your two leaves onto your circle so they overlap each other a little. This is what it will look like from the back.


Step 5 – Fold one flower in half and then fold it in half again. This is what it will look like when folded.


Step 6 – Sew the folded up flower onto your circle keeping it folded and just sewing the pointed tip of it down. I only used 2 stitches on it.


Step 7 – Fold up the next flower the same way and sew it right next to the first one. You want the points all facing the middle and placed evenly. Again, only sew the point with one or two stitches. Repeat this step for the third flower.


Step 8 – Sew on the fourth folded flower the same way, completing the flower. This is what it will look like when you are done sewing.


Step 9 – Push up the petals so that it looks like a flower and voila, you are done! 🙂 Now you have a lovely felt flower ready to be used!


No Bake Felt Cookies for Kids!

IMG1445 - label

I love kids crafts, especially ones that are easy to make. I finished this project, posted it on my local homeschool group and am now posting it here all within an hour. This really is a simple one to make, it costs very little, and it’s fun for kids to play with! 🙂


Step 1 – You’ll need a tan felt sheet and two other felt sheets in different colors. My kiddo picked out light pink for the icing and dark pink for the sprinkles, which is great if you make it a Valentine’s day project. She just likes pink. 🙂 You’ll also need scissors, a pen to trace the hearts, two different sized heart cookie cutters and a jar for your sprinkles.


Step 2 – Cut all around the edges of your tan sheet of felt making it curved to look like cookie dough. Keep it pretty big because you’ll want to be able to cut out several cookies.


Step 3 – Trace the larger sized heart cookie cutters on the tan fabric. Three or four will fit well without it being too crowded.


Step 4 – Cut out all your hearts but you’ll need to keep both the sheet and the cookies so cut them out without cutting up the sheet. Three of four cookies will look good without being using up too much of the sheet.


Step 5 – Trace the smaller heart cookie cutter on your second sheet of felt. Our smaller cookie cutter had wavy sides but I was still able to trace a heart shape and cut it out with straight sides. This will be your icing.


Step 6 – Cut out enough icing for each cookie and place them on top of your cookies. Look yummy enough yet? 🙂


Step 7 – Use your third sheet of felt to make sprinkles. You can make them whatever size you like, I made ours longer so they’d be easier to use and easier to clean up. I cut a strip off the sheet of felt so I could use the leftover felt for another project.


Step 8 – Make enough sprinkles to top each cookie plus some extras, and put them in the jar for sprinkles. You can label the jar so kiddos know where to put their sprinkles away when they are done. 🙂


Step 9 – Add a rolling pin and a cutting board and you have a full cooking making set! You’re done! 🙂  Now your kids can “make” their cookies by putting the cookies back on the sheet and “cut” them out with the cookie cutters. For extra fun you can make different colors for icing and sprinkles so they can mix it up each time!