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Handmade Hairbow Holder

on February 7, 2013


My little girl has a lot of hairbows. I’m sure many little girls do! I had seen plenty of handmade hairbow holders but the prices were ridiculous in my opinion, especially since I knew I could do it myself. I started off getting a cute wooden butterfly shape from Hobby Lobby. You could use foam or felt shapes as well. Just make sure it can handle bows hanging from it. You’ll also need pretty ribbon. My little girl *loves* cheetah print so that’s what I used. And you’ll need a hot glue gun, and a smaller ribbon to make a loop on top to hang the holder.


Cut your ribbon the length you want. Our shape was big enough for two ribbons so I didn’t make them very long. I used wired ribbon but regular ribbon works just as well.


Hot glue the ribbon to the back of your shape. Make sure you glue enough of it onto the back to make it sturdy enough to hold your bows. Then glue the smaller ribbon in a loop on the top of your shape to hang your bow holder from. I also folded over the ends of the ribbon at the bottom and hot glued it to keep it from fraying.


Finished bow holder! 🙂 This took me about 5 minutes to make and it was super simple. It will be a big help in organizing my daughter’s bows!


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