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Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade Software Review

on March 23, 2013


I like good deals and I like educational things. So when we were at the thrift store and I found this Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade software for .69 cents I was thrilled! We got it home only to find that it won’t work with any version of Windows newer than Windows XP. Thankfully I had an old laptop with Windows XP on it so we were able to actually use it. I’ve got a lot of pictures of it while my daughter was playing it so you get to see what it is like. ๐Ÿ™‚


There is a map for kids to navigate the different areas of the game. This is when my daughter first started the game and hadn’t completed any levels.


In this section kids have to follow the list of clues to put together bugs with the correct parts to label the bug jars.


After each bug is completed correctly, it gives some information on each bug.


This area has math problems. It starts off with basic addition and subtraction, then moves into double digits as they go along.

20130321_162514 20130321_164304

In this area kids have to spell words with a selection of letters given at the bottom. Words start off easy and then get bigger as they go along.


In this area kids find antonyms, synonyms and create compound words.


In this area kids are in a mine car going down a track. While in the car they have to catch certain numbers as instructed and skip any other numbers. The pictures is blurred because the game was moving the whole time so I couldn’t catch a clear shot.


This part has kids working on telling time by matching up the time on the clock and the time on the bottom to open the doors.


This is in the same tunnels where the kids work on the clocks. The kids also have to put together words into a proper sentence to open other doors. The sentences get a little longer as they go along.


In this last part of the game kids complete different fractions following the instructions given. After this kids win the game.

I am very happy with this software! I love the variety of things it has kids working on. It started off with easier problems and tasks and then worked up to harder ones, so it didn’t make it too complicated or too easy either. The way it was set up seemed pretty fun for my kiddo to do and the story in the game was silly and fun. My six year old daughter really liked playing it and had few complaints about it. one issue was that it did freeze every now and then, which could have been because we bought it used and it had a few scratches, or because it is an older game. Also, if you are playing it on a laptop like my kiddo was, I recommend plugging in a mouse to use instead of the touchpad. It seemed to take her longer to do things using the touchpad and the mouse made it much easier for her to maneuver and complete tasks.

All in all it was a good game, though my daughter completed it in about 3 hours. There are 3 different levels so if they complete one they can work on the others. You can find the game online from about $5 and up. ๐Ÿ™‚


7 responses to “Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade Software Review

  1. My children always enjoyed these games, but unfortunately they are not supported on the new Apple software. Yuck! I miss good games like this. When it comes to Apple, this is one area which is lacking.

    • It is unfortunate that they won’t work on computers with newer software. We had a Madeline 2nd grade game I couldn’t even get to work on our old Windows XP laptop. They really are good games!

      • The original JumpStart games were out of this world; I’ve never seen better. My children were challenged and liked playing them. With the upgrade to a newer laptop, all of them were a no-go. Unfortunately, the newer JumpStart games are not even a tenth as good as the old, all focused on interactivity and not educational content at all. Yuck!
        Needless to say, we are having withdrawals and trying to find replacement product with no success.

      • My solution is just to keep the old laptop for those kind of games. I was just looking online at the JumpStart games so thanks for the info! She enjoyed this one so much I was hoping to get a couple more. The Madeline one installs but the folder for it is empty. Hopefully I won’t run into the same issue with other older games. If I find any newer products that are better I will pass on the info!

      • Thanks, I’d appreciate that. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a choice about the old laptop, it called it quits. So, it went out without my willing it to do so.

      • That is a bummer, maybe in the future you’ll find an older one at a good price. It’s difficult finding laptops with Windows 3, 5 or XP on them.

      • Apple used to support these apps, but no longer. What a shame!

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