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The Magic School Bus Young Scientists Club – Bacteria and Fungi Kit Experiment 1

on April 8, 2013


When we received our Magic School Bus Young Scientists Club Kit both of the plastic petri dishes were broken. There was no way to use them so I decided glass petri dishes might be a better idea. I found some on Amazon here: American Educational Flint Glass Culture Petri Dish, 107mm Diameter, 20mm Height (Bundle of 5) which are a good price and with my Amazon Prime account I get free 2-day shipping. I also called the Magic School Bus Scientists Club customer service and they even sent out replacement plastic dishes for us, which we will save in case we ever need them.


On Sunday we got started with our experiments. Experiment 1 was simply preparing the agar to go in the petri dishes. I got together all the needed items for this part. Our kit came with the needed agar and bouillon so all I needed was a pot, my 2 petri dishes and a spoon to mix it. I added one cup of water to the pot, though the instructions had a misprint saying 8 cups (200ml). Obviously that was very incorrect!


This is what the agar looks like mixed with the water before it started boiling. As my 6 year old said it, “It looks like dirt.” It kind of looks like muddy water.


This is the agar after being boiled for a bit. As you can see it looks more clear and more gelatinous. The info says it won’t turn totally clear but it needs to be more translucent and thicker like wet jello. The yellow stuff above the spoon is where I poured the chicken bouillon into the pot. It was yellow and needed to be mixed it until it dissolved.


This is the mix after everything has been mixed in and dissolved. It became a lot thicker and looked a lot more like jello. I let it simmer for a couple minutes just to make sure everything was fully dissolved.


Lastly I poured the agar mix into the 2 petri dishes. This is what it looked like. We then put the lids on the dishes and set them to cool down before continuing with the next experiments. This concludes experiment 1! 🙂 Pretty simple start. These 2 petri dishes will be the main component to our next few experiments. Once they’ve started growing their bacteria and fungi I will the results share another post.


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