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Dion’s Club Read Summer Reading Program

on June 24, 2013

Dions Club Read 1

My daughter loves to read. A LOT. Which is why I’ve signed her up for 7 reading programs this summer. Some are short to complete, others are all summer long. The great thing is that she reads so much, so it’s not a hassle to complete them. And they give some variety to what she reads. One program I really like is through Dion’s Club Read summer reading program. This program is free and has some pretty great prizes. The only catch is that Dion’s pizza is not national, it’s only located in a few states. So if you happen to be in one of those states – check out their program! This program ends on July 17th so make sure you get it completed before then.

Dions Club Read 2

You have to complete 2 scorecards with this program and that means 6 books per card. You simply write down the titles your child read. After your child reads the first 6 you take your completed scorecard to your local Dion’s pizza. You get a backpack and your second scorecard. The backpack wasn’t that great honestly, because it’s the kind with drawstrings, but it was fun for my kiddo to complete. For the second scorecard she got a t-shirt, a free book, a ticket to a baseball game and a coupon for a free drink at the game. Not too bad! Mainly we did this one for the free baseball ticket and the shirt. 🙂 She didn’t like the book so it will end up getting sold to buy one she likes.

If you’re looking for other summer reading programs, check out my posts on the Scholastic free Summer Reading Program, the Sylvan Book Adventure free Summer Reading Program, the Summer Reading Bingo free printable, and the Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program! 🙂

What summer reading programs does your child enjoy?


5 responses to “Dion’s Club Read Summer Reading Program

  1. We’re doing our local library’s summer reading program where we earn free books.

  2. […] Program, the Summer Reading Bingo free printable, the Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program, the Dion’s Club Read program, and the Local Library Summer Reading […]

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