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Dig Into Reading Public Library Summer Reading Program

on June 25, 2013

Dig Into Reading 1

My daughter loves to read. A LOT. So this summer I signed her up for 7 different reading programs. Some of them are short and some last all summer long. One of the ones that lasts throughout the summer is the Dig Into Reading program from our local library. With this program they give out rewards every week if your child has read books. Since my daughter reads chapter books she does 9 a week for this program. These can be counted towards her other programs as well. They don’t have a set amount you have to read or a certain type of book which is really nice. They even have one for adults as well that I enter into each week. So far I haven’t won anything.


The first week my daughter got a free book. The librarian was kind enough to go look in the back to see what chapter books she had that might interest my daughter. She found this book: The White Giraffe. This seemed to appeal to her, though she hasn’t read it yet. I appreciated the librarian going out of her way to find something that my daughter would actually enjoy!


Week 2 she got another one of those drawstring backpacks like she got from the Dion’s Club Read program. She hasn’t used it because those thin rope straps just aren’t comfortable on the shoulders once you put stuff in the bags. For week 3 she got to pick out two different seed packets. I loved this reward because it encourages her to grow something and get out in nature. She picked Daisies and Wildflowers. 🙂 Week 4 is another free book, week 5 is a surprise reward, week 6 they get 2 little dinosaur skeleton toys, week 7 is a colorful centipede toy, and week 8 is another free book. Not bad at all!

Most public libraries do some sort of summer reading program, at least I know the bigger ones do. Check into your library to see what they offer. If they don’t offer a summer reading program suggest they start one! 🙂

Dig Into Reading 2

If you’re looking for other summer reading programs, check out my posts on the Scholastic free Summer Reading Program, the Sylvan Book Adventure free Summer Reading Program, the Summer Reading Bingo free printable, the Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program, and the Dion’s Club Read program! 🙂

What summer reading programs have your kids enjoyed?


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