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Chuck E Cheese Reading Rewards

on June 26, 2013


My daughter loves to read. A LOT. So this summer I signed her up for 7 different reading programs. Some of them are short term, like completing a chart, and others last all summer long. One of the short ones I signed her up for is through Chuck E Cheese with their Reading Rewards calender. Now they have 21 different rewards calendars you can print out for your kids – rewarding them for things like going potty and graduating. This is very handy for kids and helps your wallet a little on your visit. Children get 10 free tokens for each completed calendar they bring in. The catch is that you can only bring in one calendar per day.

For those who have kids who read a lot, this is another good reward system. You can buy them a pizza lunch and let them play for a while, getting more tokens if you want. I know my daughter loves the feeling of accomplishment and pride when she completes a chart or program like this. And it’s fun to get rewarded! 🙂


bookgraphic 1

If you’re looking for other summer reading programs, check out my posts on the Scholastic free Summer Reading Program, the Sylvan Book Adventure free Summer Reading Program, the Summer Reading Bingo free printable, the Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program, the Dion’s Club Read program, and the Local Library Summer Reading Program! 🙂

What summer reading programs have your children really enjoyed?


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