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Paper City Printout Towns – Our City

on July 2, 2013


I love projects and I love creating things for my daughter. I really never get tired of it! Made by Joel has these great paper cities you can print out for your kids to create fun little towns for play. You’ll need paper or card stock and scissors, plus contact paper if you’d like to make yours more durable like I did.


We chose to do a mix of the Paris print out and the city print out to give her a bigger town. I also printed out the vehicles set to give her more vehicles in the town. To get creative we chose to do ours on colored construction paper. Color card stock would work just as well.


We printed out all the buildings in different colors that my daughter picked out.

20130701_112709-1 20130701_112711-1

For the people and the vehicles my kiddo wanted them printed on white so she could color them as she wanted. 🙂



I printed out the city set in two different colors for some added color. I tried to get in every color I could for her city.



She decided she wanted a few mountains from the road trip set as well so we added these.



C’est fini! Well mostly. I didn’t get all the pieces done when I took this picture because my daughter really wanted to play with it and was having a hard time waiting. Putting this together was not a fun task, probably because I chose to cover ours in contact paper to last longer. Cutting out all the pieces and then making them all stand was definitely interesting. The little paper stands for the people and the lamps are not great. I recommend either using card stock for those or doing what I am going to do – buy a bunch of plastic game pieces to hold them instead! That way they are sturdy enough to stand. The Eiffel tower doesn’t stand up well by itself so we will need to rig up a stand for it as well.

All in all it is a very cute idea that will take some work for you to get put together. Having the kids color it or printing on colored paper ads some brightness to it if you prefer it not being black and white. Contact paper on the pieces adds and extra step but it will help them last longer. If you give this a try, let me know how yours turns out!


2 responses to “Paper City Printout Towns – Our City

  1. mummyshymz says:

    Will be doing a project on France – this will be a fun addition! 😉

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