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The Bill Jar

on July 8, 2013


We all have bills. This is a fact we cannot avoid. The amount of bills we all have to pay differs from person to person, but all of us have at least one bill to pay… unless you are a child. Then your parents are responsible for your bills – fun for them. 😉 I like to sell things we don’t need or don’t use to make extra money each month. It’s been really handy! In the process of doing so I get a lot of smaller bills like 10’s and 5’s. One can keep adding them to their bank account for bills, but I’ve found that it’s easier to spend with your card and it’s can be easier to forget you have to pay bills with that money. I know some folks have accounts just for bills, but I don’t really want to juggle a bunch of accounts. So for me, I use the bill jar.

It’s actually a vase rather than a jar, but the vase was prettier and it sounds weird if you say bill vase. If you use a jar you can close it if you choose to which keeps your money more secure. Each time I sell something I add the extra money to the jar and then when I need to pay a bill I take what I need from the bill jar. It’s a handy way to keep track of those small bills and to keep the money from being spent. If it’s at home in a jar you can’t spend it! I designate that money off limits except for bills. I keep a little calender where I write down all my bills each month on the day they are due so each week I can figure out which bill is up and what I need to pay it. It’s really been a big help!

It’s simple to make – you need an empty jar or vase, paper for a label, a marker to write on the label, and clear tape to put it on the jar. You can get fancier with it and print out a nice label or decorate it, but for me simple works. 🙂 If you’ve tried a bill jar let me know how it worked for you!


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