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Organizations To Donate Hair To

on July 12, 2013


My daughter and I both have pretty long hair, but hers is definitely longer than mine, as well as being thicker. Lately she’s been telling me it’s too long and in her way. We both like long hair so I wasn’t really sure what to do about it, since she doesn’t want short hair either. That got me thinking about growing her hair out a bit longer before having it cut, and then donating the hair to an organization that provides wigs for people without hair for medical reasons.

Upon beginning my research I discovered that the well known Locks of Love organization which seems to always be amidst scandal due to their practices. Here is one link referring to the company being unable to account for millions of dollars worth of hair: Locks of Love Can’t Account For $6.6 Million Worth of Donated Hair. And here is another article regarding concerns with the company: Bay Area Group Questions Donations To Locks Of Love. What bothered me, on top of the fact that they supposedly “don’t keep track of donation,” is that they sell the wigs which I feel isn’t right for people with serious medical conditions that leave them bald. It should be free.

I have looked into some alternatives and there are a few which seem to be much better organizations. Wigs For Kids is one of the first organization names that pops up when you search for alternative to LoL. This group seems a lot more on the up and up and a lot more organized. They do require 12 inches of hair though which could mean you’ll have to wait longer to grow it out. They send out a postcard and an email after your hair is received. The bonus for girls donating to this program is that they are eligible for a Girl Scout patch to recognize that they donated. Here is the PDF info on that program: Girl Scout Patch Program.

Another program is Pantene Beautiful Lengths which makes wigs for women and they are partnered with the American Cancer Society. They give away wigs as well, which is refreshing to see. They only require hair be 10 inches in length so if you have less hair this would be the one to go with. I am actually considering donating my hair when it’s long enough. I will have to make sure that Henna hair dye will not be a problem since it is all natural and chemical free. This program will send you a “Thank You” letter but their site says that it could take several months to receive due to how busy they are.

Children With Hair Loss is another group that gives away wigs to any children with medical hair loss up to the age of 21. I haven’t heard as much about them but I love that they give wigs away rather than selling them. CWHL accepts hair at least 8 inches which is nice, though they do prefer longer hair. They also accept chemically treated hair and gray hair, which is a change from the above two groups listed.

The last program I found is Wigs 4 Kids, not to be confused with the Wigs for Kids program above. This group only provides wigs for those in the Michigan area. If this isn’t a problem for you, please consider them as well. They require that hair be at least 10 inches long. They do not accept chemically treated hair or fully gray hair. I didn’t see anything on their site saying if they sent you a certificate or letter after you’ve donated your hair, but you can get a t-shirt if you donate money with the hair. Or you can donate just $10 to buy a hat for one of the children in need.

We haven’t decided which group we will go with yet, most likely it will be Wigs For Kids or Children With Hair Loss since my daughter would enjoy donating her hair to kids in need. She’s got 10 inches from her shoulders down but we’re going to wait a couple more months to see how much longer we can get her hair. She’s really excited to do this and help little girls “feel pretty again with hair.” It always makes me so proud when she is so willing to help others, whether it be humans or animals. I love her heart! 🙂


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