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Rehydrating Kids Washable Markers

on July 16, 2013


My daughter goes through markers like nobody’s business. Not only does she use them up, but she often dries them out by not putting the lids on all the way. I don’t know what it is about washable markers,  but they always seem to end up without lids. I am a big fan of trying to be eco-friendly and not waste, which is why we rehydrate our markers to try and give them a longer life. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve noticed that the cheaper brands dry out quicker and sometimes get clumpy and gross around the tips. Also, the really thin cheap markers just do not last at all. These ones are often included with little coloring books and sets, but they just don’t last.


Re-hydrating markers is easy. You need a cup of water and an eye dropper. And markers of course. Some markers have plastic caps on the back that you can pry off with a little work. You can add water that way. Or you can just dip the tip of the marker in water and put the lid back on. Make sure you set the markers you’ve re-hydrated in a glass cup so if they leak colored water, they don’t get it all over anything you value. If you fill the markers in the back, set them in the jar tip down. If you put the tip in the water, put them in the jar tip up. I shake our markers up first before putting them in the jar, in hopes that the water will move around some and re-hydrate a lot more of the marker.

If you do have to toss your markers, sent them to the recycling bin. I have looked online and found very little info on whether or not they can be recycled, but I’d rather play safe and put them in recycling. If you ‘d like to re-purpose them, you can use the lids for beads, to make photo frames, or for other artwork. If you wanted to get really creative, you could empty out the entire marker tube, wash it well, and use them for durable straight straws. It’s unfortunate the marker companies don’t have a better program to recycle markers. I remember when Crayola sold the all black markers made from recycled plastic. I wish they had continued to do so.  My daughter prefers markers over crayons, mainly because she is older, and we have yet to find a really great brand of color pencils that she likes.

If you have any recommendations for a great brand of color pencils, please let me know! The Crayola and similar brand pencils break too easily and don’t color well enough for her. Thanks! 🙂


One response to “Rehydrating Kids Washable Markers

  1. Mama Goose says:

    Prismacolor brand is our favorite. Ours are from an art supply store but you can buy online too.

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