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The Search For Quality Colored Pencils For Kids

on July 20, 2013

Colored Pencils main grapic

My daughter has not liked using colored pencils to color. The ones we purchased and were given just did not work well. Some of them would not color at all. I like the idea of using color pencils because they are more precises than crayons and less messy than markers. Markers usually bleed through, and they are most likely not recyclable. It bothers me that we are using something that is a toss away item. Crayola needs to come up with a marker recycling program of some sort so they are less wasteful. In the mean time, we needed a better option.

I didn’t want to pay $20 or up for fancy colored pencil since my daughter is almost 7 and isn’t at that level yet. Plus I would hate to see them get over-sharpened and be wasted. An artist friend suggested a few brands, but told me to first try to brands at either Michaels craft store or Hobby Lobby craft store. I enjoy going to both, but we just happened to be in the vicinity of Michaels over the weekend. I am a deal shopper, so I went on their website to print out the 40% off one regular priced item coupon. I love using coupons, especially when they will save me a lot! Hobby Lobby has a 40% off coupon they offer for one regular priced item as well.


I found a set of 32 colored pencils by Artist’s Loft. They looked better than the cheaper store brand and the kids pencils we had tried before. The price was $4.99 and my 40% off coupon took them down to $2.99. While there we found a pretty rose pen for me for $1 and two pretty hair flowers that turned out to only be .01 cent EACH as we checked out! I LOVE deals like that. 🙂


I like that the Artist’s Loft colored pencils come in a cardboard tube. It’s eco-friendly, with the exception of the clear plastic on the top of the tube lid. I wanted her to have more than 12 or 24 so it was nice to find this 32 piece set. They also had sets with 27 colored pencils and a sketch pad for $9.99, but I knew I could find sketch pads a lot cheaper so I skipped that one.


The colored pencils look natural, something I found really appealing. There isn’t any brightly colored plastic wrapped around the pencils, which is very nice. The pencils do not have color names listed on them so kids will have to look at the tips to see which color it is. My daughter is almost 7 so this wasn’t a big deal.

Our local dollar store, Dollar Tree, sells sketch pads for $1. I buy ours there because my kiddo is still a young enough kiddo that we don’t need the more expensive kind. This way I can also buy several of them to keep on hand for when one gets full. This would be another good item to get from one of the craft stores with your 40% off coupon! Take it in and get almost half off of a sketchbook. Keep in mind that they usually only let you use the coupon once a day, so you may have to make a couple trips if you want to use the coupon on several items. This might be worth it if you live close enough to one of the stores.


As you can see, these color pencils actually color! That is a nice change compared to trying use the cheap kind which would not color at all. These pencils are very much kid approved! My daughter kept asking if I was done yet while I was taking pictures for this post – she wanted to try them out that badly, and this is the child who didn’t want to get anymore colored pencils. I like this brand and I like the price. I do with they had bigger sets though, maybe with 50 colored pencils like some of the other sets. However, 36 is a good amount and the quality seems to be pretty good.

If you’ve used a great brand of colored pencils for your kids that didn’t break the bank, leave a comment with the info! 🙂


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