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Healthy Meals Do Not Have to Be Fancy, Nor Do Your Dishes

on August 27, 2013



One of the major complaints when it comes to feeding a family healthy food is that it’s too expensive and too complicated. If you create a menu plan and stick with it, looking for sales and buying in bulk when needed, you can cut the costs dramatically. I can feed a family of 2 on $50 or less a week and that’s mostly organic food. Create a menu plan, shop sales, price shop at the local stores, farmers markets and bulk stores, and keep foods simple.

We like rice as a base for a lot of meals. I know the paleo folks don’t think we should eat any grains, but for our family I disagree. Healthy grains are a good way to help keep food costs down and to keep meals filling. Brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, cous cous, and so many others are examples of healthy grains. When you shop for them, compare prices between the packaged variety and the bulk variety. Sometimes ones is much cheaper than the other. We like to stock up on organic oats when they are on sale because I can use them in so many things.

In the meal above, which was made for lunch today, I simply cooked one cup of organic brown rice for the main part of our meal. I added some grass fed organic butter to it, not a lot but enough to add some flavor and the goodness of grass fed butter, and a little bit of Bolivian Rose salt. I am trying out new varieties of natural salt, not the iodized and processed stuff you see in most stores. Look for sea salt – it is a lot better for you and contains so many wonderful minerals. On top of the rice are cooked squash, corn and peas, all of which are organic. I added a little bit more salt on top of them and the meal was done. Simple, delicious and filling!

On the same level, your dishes do not need to be super expensive or fancy either. I believe in paying more when it comes to quality – if needed. I am not going to pay $100 for a set of dishes. They get eaten off of, chipped and broken. I do not see that as a good use of that much money. I look for nice dishes that are durable and low cost. The awesome bowls I got in the picture were only $1 each! I love them because they are wide and the sides are lower, so they hold more food and it’s easier to stir food in them.

In the past I purchased pretty drinking glasses that were clear with gold around the rim – very fancy looking! However, the glass was super thin and almost all of them broke. With the set we have now I looked for drinking glasses with thicker glass but that still looked nice. When shopping for dishes those are the kind of things to look for and consider. The important thing is to find good quality that looks nice without going broke over it. Thrift stores, discount stores and dollar stores are good places to look for dishes that will save your wallet.

Good company, presentation and the heart put into the meal are the things that truly matter. Good food will be good in any dish. My bowls are not fancy by any means but I adore them! I love how little they cost and how great they work for our meals. They are a great solution that I will be happy with for a long time. Make sure when you purchase dishes that you will be happy with the purchase in the future and that you won’t end up regretting what you spent.


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