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Book Review – Bookmobile Cat Mystery Series by Laurie Cass

on August 18, 2014

Who knew riding in a bookmobile could be so exciting?! Apparently Laurie Cass did because she’s based an entire mystery series around a bookmobile and a short librarian who drives it named Minnie. Minnie also lives on a house boat, which is not something I’ve come across in any mystery series so far. I love finding unique aspects to a book series that help it to stand out!

In the first book of the series, Lending a Paw, we meet Minnie and Eddie. Minnie is a librarian and she is just getting the library’s new bookmobile ready to go out. What Minnie doesn’t know is that her lovely new bookmobile is about to be entangled in a murder mystery! I enjoyed this book because it’s the first bookmobile mystery I’ve read. I think the idea of a bookmobile offering access to books for those not near a library is itself a fantastic idea! To see such an amazing resource involved in a good mystery is just extra fun!


Tailing a Tabby is the second book in the series and also the most recent to be released. Sadly this means another whole year before we get to read another one. In this mystery Minnie and Eddie are enjoying their success with the bookmobile. Things seem to be going very well for this interesting pair – until they are entangled in another murder mystery! Minnie has another mystery on her hands as well as some personal issues she has to worry about.

Minnie and Eddie make an interesting a loveable team. Minnie has determination and stubbornness that help, and sometimes hurt her, in her quest for justice. She has a strong sense of right and wrong and she is always willing to help others. She’s the kind of character you can depend on and see the best in. The other characters in the book always add an interesting flair of the unusual and the complicated. And Eddie? Well he’s just as Eddie as usual!

This is another good cozy mystery series that keeps you entertained and interested without all the graphic violence and gore I find so unnecessary. I’m looking forward to the third installment so I can see what new adventure the bookmobile takes Minnie and Eddie on!

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