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What I Have Been Up To

on March 22, 2015

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My posts haven’t been as recent lately. Life has thrown a lot of cureballs at me! So what have I been up to?

* We were in a car accident in November that ruined our Thanksgiving plans and totaled our vehicle. The other driver was at fault – she ran a red light and drove into oncoming traffic. Since then we’ve had to deal with pain and recovery, as well as finding another used car in our budget, and overcoming all the stress and trauma from the accident. We are EXTREMELY thankful it wasn’t more serious!

* I’ve been very busy with work and it’s ups and downs. It’s not always easy to run your own business and it’s even harder to depend on others to make sure you get your bills paid. I love running my own businesses, but a regular paycheck would be nice sometimes! The business I created with my daughter is growing and we are trying to expand to Etsy as much as possible to watch it grow. I’d like to start doing craft shows as well. Mostly we sell locally person to person right now.

* I’ve recently started dating again, which has added a whole new array of stress and emotions into my life. I have to say though, it’s been totally worth it. I took a year to decide what I wanted and find myself. That has helped a lot in being able to walk away from not so great dudes. I am able to keep focused on the things I want in a person and not settle for less. I’m dealing with the emotions and stress of it in a healthy and positive way. It’s been a great experience!

* We’ve had a change of friends as well. Sometimes it’s been a small shift in who I’m closer to, other times it’s been a door slamming completely shut. We had some hard times at the beginning of the year due to one person, but she’s since moved out of state and we’ve found peace again. It’s a hard balance knowing when to try and stick around or when to walk away. I am prone to sticking around long after I should because I am a helper and a nurturer by heart. But my own heart needs to be kept safe so I’m working on not letting it get put on the back burner for others.

* I’ve decided I want to go into health and fitness as a career. I’d love to sing for a living but there aren’t many smokey 20’s piano bars out there anymore and breaking into the profession is challenging. Maybe one day I’ll find one of those bars and sing in it on the side just to feed my soul. Health and fitness I love too. I want to be the best me I can be and that means setting goals and working hard at them. I need to put this as one of my top priorities so I live a long time and take care of my body. I love this field and I plan to go back to school for it this fall.

So much has changed and I feel I’ve grown so much. I want this site to be a place that reflects that. 🙂 Look for wonderful things coming soon!


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